There is a growing worldwide epidemic of chronic disease and disability. The Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) is dedicated to funding research into why – and what can be done about it.

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How CMSRI is Advancing Research on Chronic Diseases:

Among the independent, peer-reviewed research funded by CMSRI are studies on:

  • human exposure to aluminum;
  • the safety of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines;
  • the effect of aluminum toxicity on the Central Nervous System;
  • aluminum adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in children, and more.

Vaccines & Autoimmunity cover

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Studies from leading research institutions in 14 countries are included in this first medical textbook to examine the link between vaccines to autoimmune disorders, funded by CMSRI and edited by Yehuda Shoenfeld, Nancy Agmon-Levin and Lucija Tomljenovic.

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Vaccines and chronic illnesses. Negative vaccine reactions. Why are newborn babies required to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B?

The Age of Aluminum

The Age of Aluminum profiles people whose health has been seriously impacted by unwitting exposure to aluminum, along with leading scientists as they explore the links between this known neurotoxin and a growing epidemic of chronic illnesses and disabilities.

For those seeking answers to why breast cancer, dementia, autism, autoimmunity, allergies, and chronic fatigue are on the rise. The Age of Aluminum is a must-see film.

Get the definitive guide to aluminum-tainted products Vaccines and Autoimmunity

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