Why are so many children so sick?

inhailerSolving the health care crisis in America begins with healthy children. The journal Academic Pediatrics reported that 54% of all US children have one or more chronic health conditions.  In decades past, chronic disease in children was rare.  What changed?

CMSRI’s research examines early childhood exposures that may lead to chronic disease and disability. One of the earliest exposures for children is vaccines. Vaccines are now recommended during pregnancy, on the day of a baby’s birth, and frequently throughout early infancy and childhood. Research funding will be directed toward evaluating the safety of vaccine ingredients, their preparations, combinations and schedules to determine whether vaccines play a role in chronic immune and brain dysfunction.  Just medicating sick children will neither help them heal nor slow the alarming rate of disease.   This national crisis deserves a solution.  Preventing chronic illness is our priority and a smart health care strategy.  CMSRI will dedicate 100% of funds raised to research, education and outreach.  You can help by donating HERE