shutterstock_152028728Conventional medicine has failed to identify the origins of the chronic disease and disability epidemic given the entrenched hierarchies in public health. In vaccine research, the mission is often defined from the outset to prove vaccines are safe, rather than to rigorously assess their effects.  Those representing vested interests receive the lion’s share of the funding with little competition or choice. Any innovation is limited by a failure to appropriately examine mistakes and purposefully measure whether the program has been successful. Thus, the current vaccine system prevails without the benefit of any independent scrutiny. Most of all, a national crisis looms as public officials refuse to address the economic reality of future generations beset with autism, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic illnesses.

CMSRI seeks to reinvigorate the scientific approach to vaccine safety and carefully examine the current vaccine schedule for its impact on our nation’s health. Our goal is help discover possible instigators of the chronic disease and disability epidemic and help drive prevention, treatment and ultimately cures.  With new knowledge on the effects of vaccines and their ingredients, CMSRI will set out a vision for new standards for vaccine safety testing and quality control.