Alzheimer’s Disease

In 2017, a new technology to measure the amount and location of aluminum particles in the brain enabled scientists to make an astounding discovery: more aluminum than had ever been recorded in a human brain was found in the brains of deceased sufferers of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

 This finding, by CMSRI-funded researchers at Keele University in England, was consistent with the research they had been conducting on the toxicity of aluminum to animals and humans for nearly 30 years. But now, it was clear: aluminum should now be considered a primary etiological factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

Prior to this discovery, lead researcher and world-renowned aluminum expert, Dr. Christopher Exley and his team had seen the only known instances of Alzheimer’s disease patients experiencing cognitive improvements following a study in which they consumed silicon-enriched mineral water. The temporary high concentration of silicic acid in the blood reacts with aluminium and helps the body remove it in urine.

The increasing ways in which the environment, animals and humans are being exposed to toxic levels of aluminum – through industrial use, cosmetics, food products and vaccines – warrants far more research.  According to Exley, “the surprise today is not that aluminium should be a cause for concern but that we are so complacent about its potential role in the diseases of modern life.”

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