According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in 1975, the number children diagnosed with autism was one in 5,000.  Today, it is 1 in 42 for boys and 1 in 189 for girls.

At its current rate of growth, many have estimated that, by the year 2030, 1 in 2 American boys — 50% — will be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

And while there are currently efforts underway to minimize the impact of autism and to characterize it as merely a condition of “social awkwardness,” the spectrum spans from this high-functioning level down to that in which the child is unable to communicate; cannot feed or care for himself; is self-harming and dangerous to others; and suffers from severe and chronic physical illnesses.

Across the entire range of ASD, it is estimated that the rate of under-employment or un-employability is nearly 90%.

While the cause of the frightening increase in autism diagnoses is not known, in 2017, CMSRI-funded researchers discovered “shockingly high levels of aluminum in the brains of deceased people with autism.”

CMSRI also helped to fund a ground-breaking study on the health outcomes of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children. The results suggested that vaccinated children had 4.2x higher odds of an autism diagnosis than unvaccinated children.

CMSRI is committed to funding research into all possible causes for the escalation in autism rates and to providing science-based information and resources for parents and other seeking to protect children.

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