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Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI) was an anti-vaccination group based in the United States of America. It was responsible to provide funds for the scientific studies on the harms caused by the vaccines or in other words, “Vaccine Induced Brain and Immune Dysfunction.” Their main goal was to provide scientific research to address gaps in the knowledge about biological and genetic risk factors for vaccines.

As per the reports available their researches report the harms that vaccines cause to children’s brain and immune system and they want a public awareness regarding the safety of vaccines for their children.  The CMSRI funded many scientists for the researches on vaccines that were later used in anti-vaccine movement or anti-vax activism to spread misinformation to parents about the vaccines. Canadian scientist Dr Christopher Shaw of University of British Colombia and the British Chemist Christopher Exley of Keele University were among the famous scientists included in these pseudoscientific studies. Although, these studies were rejected by the World Health Organization (WHO) and some of them have been retracted or proven to be false.

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CMSRI Organization- Origin & Background

The CMSRI was founded by the American philanthropist Claire Dwoskin and funded by her and her husband Albert J. Dwoskin under the Dwoskin Family Foundation. She is a child health advocate and a leader of an international effort to address the increasing incidence of chronic illness and disability. Claire Dwoskin stated that, “Vaccines are a holocaust of poison on our children’s brain and immune system.” The CMSRI claimed that previously, the researches were not funded by the authorities to conduct studies on the biological and genetic impacts after the exposure of vaccine.

The CMSRI were focused on the vaccine safety due to a high number of increments in vaccine indorsement. They collaborated with independent scientists, physicians and experts in vaccine regulations to establish the vaccine safety research priorities. Although, after the divorce of Dwoskins, Albert Dwoskin concluded that the concerns about the safety of the vaccination are unfounded. He also stated that the best way to secure the children is to make sure they have proper vaccination advised by the healthcare experts, scientists or doctors.

Research & Objectives of CMSRI

Canadian neuroscientist Christopher Shaw of University of British Colombia and the British chemist Christopher Exley of Keele University along with many other scientists were included in pseudoscientific studies for safety of vaccines. Their studies claimed that the vaccines cause autism and later were declared as false research after an investigation. The investigation confirmed that there is no relation between vaccines and autism and the vaccine ingredients do not cause autism. Though, this claim was severely promoted in the anti-vaccine movement despite the extensive investigation.

Since, their studies had not been able to prove anything against the safety of vaccines; WHO rejected the studies and some of them have been retracted. Still the misinformation was spread to parents in anti-vaccine movement regarding the vaccine induced brain and immune system dysfunction. Due to these pseudoscientific studies and misinformation, scared parents opted not to vaccinate their children that could be beneficial for the life-threatening vaccine preventable diseases.

Role & Work History of CMSRI

The anti-vaccination group, also they claimed that they were not an anti-vaccination group was shut down after the divorce of its founders Claire Dwoskin and Albert J. Dwoskin in 2018. Funded under the Dwoskin Family Foundation, the CMSRI also sponsored a number of Vaccine Safety Conferences. Take a look in the following points:

  • Vaccine Safety Conference in 2011 in Jamaica. In this conference, the British fraudster and anti-vaccine activist Andrew Jeremy Wakefield who is a former physician was also featured. He was involved in the Lancet MMR Autism Fraud. Aforementioned scientists Dr Christopher Shaw and Dr Lucija Tomljenovic were the speakers of the conference.
  • Second International Symposium on Vaccines in 2012.
  • Third International Symposium on Vaccines in 2013.
  • Fourth International Symposium on Vaccines in 2016.

CMSRI – The Catalyst in Anti-Vaccine Movement

Founded by Claire Dwoskin and funded under the Dwoskin Family Foundation, the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute had spread many misinformation and claims regarding the safety on vaccines. They funded many scientists and physicians for studies on the vaccines or vaccine safety as Claire Dwoskin would say, “gaps in our knowledge about the vaccines and vaccine safety.” The institute wanted to raise awareness regarding the safety issues and the false claims of causing autism and other immune system dysfunctions in children.

The researches done by the CMSRI proved to be a catalyst as the theory of vaccine causing autism was used in anti-vaccine movement even after the extensive investigation claiming that as a false claim. The investigation stated that all the link between autism and vaccine started to after the publication of a paper in The Lancet in 1998. Though the paper was retracted in 2010 and also the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute was shut down in 2018 following the divorce of its founders. 

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