Canada Carbon Rebate 2024- Know Eligibility, Provinces Amount & Payment Dates

The Canadian residents of some particular provinces will be getting the second amount of Canada Carbon Rebate in July 2024. The residents who receive federal fuel charges will be receiving the carbon rebate in July. The maximum amount for a family of four through the carbon rebate will be around $1800 as a quarterly payment for the base year 2024 to 2025. Basically the amount of carbon rebate depends on the urban and rural areas along with the taxpaying status of the individual citizens. Know whether you are getting the carbon rebate for 2024-25 or not along with payment amounts, eligibility how to claim and official dates announced by the CRA for the whole benefit year by going through the post.

Canada Carbon Rebate 2024

  • Providing the Canada carbon rebate to its residents is an initiative that the federal government of Canada sponsors with the purpose of supplementing the income of the individual residents of particular provinces and uplifting their life style. The amount is generally influenced by the number of children a couple or single person has. The higher the number of children is, the higher the Canada carbon rebate amounts get for the individual tax filers. if you have missed filing the taxes in 2023, you will be able to opt out for the Canada carbon rebate coming in the next month as on the basis of your previous year tax filing status, you are going to receive the rebate either directly transferred in to your bank account or via check.
  • In case you have missed filing taxes and tax returns before 30th April 2023, then you cannot make it happen for you because the one of the most important eligibility criteria for becoming suitable for this carbon rebate is the taxpaying status of the individual filers. So in order to get the immediate rebate from the federal government of Canada, you are suggested to file the taxes and report the Canada Revenue Agency about your annual income so that you do not miss the federal benefits along with some regional benefits which the local administration promotes.

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Canada Carbon Rebate 2024 Quick Overview

Title Canada Carbon Rebate 2024-25
Official Agency The CRA
Country Canada
Official Payment Dates 15th of April 2024

15th of July  2024

& 15th of October 2024

15th of January 2025

Official Website

Canada Carbon Rebate 2024- Know Eligibility, Provinces Amount & Payment Dates

Canada Carbon Rebate Amounts for Provinces

If you are filing for the carbon rebate as an individual couple and for the whole family and have filed taxes jointly, you will be getting the amount in one go to joint account. But if you have filed taxes separately and claiming the rebate amount for the whole family, then the one out of common law partner or the spouse who has filed the taxes earlier, will be getting the carbon rebate on the behalf of the whole family. Check out the quarterly Canada carbon rebate amount being distributed in particular provinces across the country. the amount for rural households and urban differs greatly in some of the provinces so note that too

Category Prince Edward Island New Found Land Nova Scotia new Brunswick Saskatchewan Ontario Manitoba Alberta
first adult $110 $149 $103 $95 $188 $140 $150 $225
rural $110 $178.80 $123 $114 $225 $168 $180 $270
second adult $55 $74 $51 $47 $94 $70 $75 $112
rural $55 $89 $61 $57 $112 $84 $90 $135
each child $27.50 $37 $25 $23 $47 $35 $37 $56
rural $27.50 $44 $30 $28 $56 $42 $45 $67
family of four $220 $298 $206 $190 $376 $280 $300 $450
rural $220 $357 $247 $228 $451 $336 $360 $540

Eligibility for Carbon Rebate by CRA

  • You can avail the carbon rebate only when you have filed the taxes for previous year 2023
  • You have at least reached the age of 19
  • If married, staying with your common law partner
  • You also possess a social insurance number
  • Have the previous year tax filing receipts
  • You must be resident of Canada that too for tax purposes
  • Your residency must be confirmed by the federal government before the 1st of the month in which you will be receiving the rebates
  • The provinces which provides federal fuel charges will be giving this payments so you will be eligible for the Canada carbon rebate on the basis of province you reside
  • You must have to meet the annual income limits set the local administration of the particular provinces
  • For each qualifying child, you must be receiving the rebate amounts if the children is under 19 years of age
    • And you are responsible for the primary care of the child
    • The child stays with you for not more than half of the year
    • In case of sharing custody, the rebate amounts will be distributed accordingly
  • The children will automatically be registered if they are qualified for the Canada child benefits
  • On an average the annual income in provinces is around $50,000, check it out from the official website of the provinces you have residency of

Canada Carbon Rebate for 2024-25 Payment Dates 

The Canada revenue agency disburses the amounts of carbon rebate quarterly sp you receive the payments once in every three months. The first amount has already delivered to you on the 15th of April 2024, while the next is about to come on the 15th of July 2024 followed by 15th of October 2024 and 15th of January 2025.

For avoid any latest updates, please stay in touch with the CRA so that you can get the knowledge of the changes in Canada Carbon Rebate.

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