OAS Increase 2024- Know Eligibility, Increased OAS Amount & Payment Dates

This article will discuss about the upcoming Old Age Security (OAS) increase in Canada in the month of July 2024. The OAS program is one of the two most important retirement benefits program while the other being Canada Pension Plan (CPP). The Canadian government along with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) run the OAS payment to financially assist the old age citizens of the country. The CRA constantly trying to increase the OAS payment for the seniors in order to make their retirement age financially balanced and manageable. You can check your eligibility criteria before receiving the payment. The payment is directly deposited to the bank accounts of the eligible old age recipients on a monthly basis. On continuing to this article, I will discuss all the details regarding the OAS increase in 2024. It will include the maximum OAS increased amount, its benefits and the payment dates for the month of July 2024.

OAS Increase 2024

  • The Canadian federal government is responsible to give OAS payments, guaranteed income supplement along with two other payments to the old age Canadian citizens. These initiatives help the needy citizens in making their monthly expenses manageable like paying their house rents and utility bills like gas, water and electricity. Apart from that, the seniors can also purchase basic household goods like groceries and milk products. As the inflation is rising each year and the old age citizens do not have a stable income, the Old Age Security benefits become a major source of income for them. Although, the CRA keeps increasing the payments on a period of three months for the better financial assistance as per the rise in inflation and living expenses in the country.
  • With the prices are going higher and the income remains the same, this OAS increase in 2024 will be of immense support for the low-income old age citizens. However, you are advised to make sure you qualify for the eligibility criteria which is set by the Canadian government. To qualify for the OAS payment, you must be a Canadian citizen and must have lived for at least 10 years in the country after turning 18 years old. If you currently do not live in Canada, then it is must that you have lived for at least 20 years in the country after turning 18 years of age. Apart from that, you must be 65 years old or above as per the retirement age in Canada.

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OAS Increase 2024 Overview

Post title OAS Increase 2024
Country Canada
Department CRA
Category Government aid
Applicability Old age citizens
Year 2024
Official website canada.ca

OAS Increase 2024- Know Eligibility, Increased OAS Amount & Payment Dates

Maximum Increased OAS Amount in 2024

The Canadian government will soon provide the OAS payment in the month of July 2024. The maximum payment expected for an eligible individual of age between 65 to 74 is $713.34. On the other hand, if you are 75 years old or above, the maximum payment you can receive under OAS is $784.67. Apart from that, the CRA also provides the guaranteed income supplement (GIS). If you are single, separated or widower, then the maximum GIS amount you can receive via CRA is $1,065.47. Meanwhile, if the claimant’s spouse or common-law partner is receiving a full OAS benefit, then he will be eligible to receive a full amount of $641 under GIS. Apart from OAS and GIS payment, if you turn 75 years old as of June 2022, then you will automatically receive an increment of 10% in your old age security via CRA.

OAS Increase 2024 Payment Dates

The OAS payment changes on a period of 3 months based on the change in consumer price index (CPI). If the CPI increases then the OAS payment will also increase and vice versa. The CRA has announced the annual schedule of the OAS payments and I have provided the payment schedule of July and the following months in the table mentioned below:

Month Payment dates
June 26th June, 2024
July 29th July, 2024
August 28th August, 2024
September 25th August, 2024
October 29th October, 2024
November 27th November, 2024
December 20th December, 2024

How to Apply for Old Age Security 2024?

Check your eligibility criteria before applying for the OAS payment and you can also check the payment benefits that will depend on at what age you start receiving OAS income. At earliest you can choose for OAS at 65 and if you want to work in your post-retirement age, then you can do so while receiving your OAS payment. I have provided the step-by-step procedure to apply for the OAS in the following points:

  • You can choose whether you want to apply online or offline.
  • You can apply at least one month after turning 64 years old.
  • Before applying, you must not be currently receiving the OAS payment.
  • You will need to a My Service Canada Account to apply. If you do not have a MSCA then you can create one.
  • You will have to fill up an application with accurate details and then you can submit the form to the authorities.
  • Apart from that, you can also apply offline by taking a print of the application form.
  • Fill up the application form, attach all the required documents along with it.
  • Mail the application form to the authorities and they will let you know about your payment status.

OAS Increase 2024 Fact Checks

You can track your payment status on My Service Canada Account. Apart from the OAS payment, you can also receive GIS payment which are mainly for your spouse or common-law partner and allowances for survivors. You can receive your payment directly in your bank accounts on a monthly basis. For more information about the OAS increase in 2024, you can also visit the official website of the Canada Revenue Service.

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