PIP Rate Changes in 2024- Know Eligibility & How to Claim PIP in 2024?

If you have a long term physical or mental health condition or any disability and are having difficulty in doing certain everyday tasks, then you can apply for the Personal Independence Payment (PIP). The PIP is categorized into two parts which are; (i) a daily living part if you need help with daily living tasks and (ii) a mobility part if you need help with getting around. The payment amount will depend on how much difficulty you find on doing everyday tasks and getting around whether you receive one or both parts. Through this blog, you will be able to gain latest updates on PIP rate changes in 2024. Continue reading this post to learn what is PIP including its eligibility criteria, how much you are eligible to receive and how to claim it, so that you cannot miss any updates.

PIP Rate Changes in 2024

The PIP is provided the citizens who are facing difficulties in doing any tasks or getting around due to a disability or health condition. The Department of Works and Pensions will determine how difficult you find doing any work or getting around. For each task, the department will look at: whether you can do it safely, how long it takes you, how often this condition affects this activity and whether you need help to do it. You can check conditions to which you need help with in the following points:

For daily living

  • Preparing food
  • Eating and drinking
  • Managing your medicines and treatment
  • Washing and bathing
  • Using toilet
  • Dressing and undressing
  • Reading
  • Managing your money
  • Talking, listening and understanding

For mobility

  • Working out a route and following it
  • Physically moving around
  • Leaving your home

PIP Rate Changes in 2024 Quick Overview

Post title PIP Rate Changes in 2024
Country United Kingdom
Department Department for work and pensions
Category Government aid
Applicable for Citizens with a health condition
Payment date Paid every 4 weeks
Year 2024
Official website gov.uk

PIP Rate Changes in 2024

PIP Rate Changes in 2024

The Department of Work and Pensions makes changes to PIP as per several factors. Thy can be inflation, economic conditions, cost of living adjustments, legislative changes and many more. For instance, high inflation can cause a number of financial difficulties for the citizens who are in need of a major financial support. Thus, the government offers a number of programs that aims to guarantee a financial relief for the citizens. Similarly, to avoid the difficulties suffered by disabled citizens or citizens with a health condition due to aforementioned reasons, the DWP made changes in PIP.

As of 2024, the DWP made changes to PIP rate and the payments for daily living care are changed up to £72.65 to standard rate and £108.55 for enhanced or highest rate. On the other side, if you are a receiving PIP benefits under mobility care, for that the PIP rates are changed up to £28.70 for the standard or lower rate and £75.75 for enhanced or higher rate. You can check your eligibility criteria in order to qualify for the PIP benefits in 2024.

How Much You Can Get Under PIP Rate Change?

As I have mentioned before, the PIP is categorized into two parts which are daily living part and mobility part. The payment amount that you are eligible to claim will depend on for what part you are receiving PIP in 2024. You can check the weekly pay out for both daily living part and mobility part in the following table:

Lower weekly rate Higher weekly rate
Daily living part £72.50 £108.55
Mobility part £28.70 £75.75

Eligibility Criteria for PIP in 2024?

If you are suffering from difficulties while doing daily living tasks and getting around and want to benefit from PIP, you must be aware of the eligibility requirements that will be required to claim the payment. I have provided the eligibility criteria in the points listed below:

  • You must be 16 years old or above.
  • You must have long term physical or mental health condition or disability.
  • You must have difficulty while doing certain everyday tasks or getting around.
  • The disability or health condition must last at least for 12 months from the day it begins.
  • You must be under state pension age (which is the earliest age you have started receiving pension) if you have not received PIP before.
  • If you are a legal citizen of Scotland, then you will have to apply for Adult Disability Payment (ADP) instead of PIP.
  • You can apply for Attendance Allowance if you are over state pension age.
  • There are specific conditions to qualify for PIP if you are not British citizen or living abroad.

How to Claim PIP in 2024?

Before starting to apply for the PIP, it is advised to make sure that you are eligible for PIP. After that, you can apply for PIP through your phone, post or via online mode of application.

Claim through phone

  • You can apply thorough your phone by calling ‘PIP new claims’ phone line.
  • You will receive a form that will ask you about your condition.
  • Fill up the form and return it to the address which is return on the form.

Claim by post

  • You can start your application process by post but it is to notify to the applicants that it will take longer to get a decision.
  • You can send your claim letter to the Department of Work and Pensions on Freepost DWP PIP 1.
  • It is advised not to writer anything else on the envelop except for the freepost address.
  • A form will be sent to you asking for your personal information like your age and address. Later, another form will be sent to you asking about your health condition or disability.

Via online portal

  • You have to check your postcode while applying for PIP online and will require the following things:
    • National Insurance Number
    • Email address
    • Phone number

NOTE: It is to notify to the applicants that while applying thorough phone or post, it can take up to 2 weeks to receive a form asking about your disability or health condition. The form must be submitted within 30 days after receiving it.

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