CCR Payment Dates 2024- Know Eligibility, Benefit Amount & Payment Dates

The Canada Revenue Agency makes sure the residents of some provinces receive regular Canada Carbon Rebate amounts for making their life comfortable. Only the provinces which do not have regional program make request for the rebate which was formerly known as Climate Action Incentive. Do not get confused in name it just depends on some official website of the provinces which chooses the names as per their convenience. The residents of some selected provinces receive around $1800 as Carbon Rebate from the agency. The amount of Canada Carbon Rebate is distributed quarterly. It is not a monthly payment as only comes four times a year for the residents. To know the residents of which provinces are going to receive this payment and what are the eligibility criteria along with the latest payment dates for the quarterly benefits?, check out the post to not miss out on the huge opportunity for the Canadians.

CCR Payment Dates 2024

Only the provinces where federal fuel charge applies support the Canada carbon rebate which largely depends on the province and area. Right now, the fuel charges applies to the provinces such as Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba. If you are residing in one of these, you will be getting the next carbon rebate amount from the CRA. After the in depth consideration about the higher energy needs and more limited access to cleaner transportation options, the rural residents will be getting a 20 percent top up to the base Canada Carbon Rebate in 2024.

With an aim to make life more affordable for the Canadians, the federal government has proposed a legislation amendment bill C-59 to enact the carbon rebate and a double top up to the base amount from 10 percent to 20 percent given their higher needs. If you are entitled to get the benefits as direct deposit, your benefits will directly transferred in to your account while if you are not getting rebate as direct deposit, you will be sent a check by an official mail from the CRA. If you are a single filer for the benefits, there is no problem but if you are filing for the carbon rebate as a couple filing jointly, then it might be confusion as the one of you who has filed for the payments first will be entitled to get the Canada carbon rebate once in every three months.

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CCR Payment Dates 2024 Quick Details 

Title Canada Carbon Rebate Payment Dates
Official Agency The CRA
Origin Country Canada
Official Payment Dates 15th of April 2024

15th of July  2024

15th of October 2024

15th of January 2025

Official Website

CCR Payment Dates 2024- Know Eligibility, Benefit Amount & Payment Dates

Carbon Rebate Amount in Different Provinces

The benefits are largely determined by the area and province. Some provinces are giving as high as $540 for a family of four and some are distributing a moderate amount of the benefits to the citizens. If you are from rural area, it is going to be beneficial program for you because due to higher energy needs and limited transformation options, the rural residents are entitled to the bigger benefits through the Canada Carbon Rebate.

Category Prince Edward Island New Found Land Nova Scotia new Brunswick Saskatchewan Ontario Manitoba Alberta
first adult $110 $149 $103 $95 $188 $140 $150 $225
rural $110 $178.80 $123 $114 $225 $168 $180 $270
second adult $55 $74 $51 $47 $94 $70 $75 $112
rural $55 $89 $61 $57 $112 $84 $90 $135
each child $27.50 $37 $25 $23 $47 $35 $37 $56
rural $27.50 $44 $30 $28 $56 $42 $45 $67
family of four $220 $298 $206 $190 $376 $280 $300 $450
rural $220 $357 $247 $228 $451 $336 $360 $540

Are You Eligible for Canada Carbon Rebate?

Only the residents of these provinces can make use of this benefit from the CRA. If you did not file the previous year tax receipts, you are not going to get the quarterly benefits as your tax filing status is of foremost importance.

  • You should be at least of 19 years of age
  • You are a legal resident of Canada
  • The person has filed the previous year tax returns whether their income is taxable or not
  • You also possess a social insurance number with supporting documents
  • You have been a resident of tax purpose too
  • If you are married, you should be staying with the partner if you wish to make use of the benefits as a married couple
  • You also have to meet the annual income limits set by the regional administrations
  • On an average the annual income threshold is $50000, remember it is an approximation not an exact data. For checking the exact income amount, you can visit the regional website of the provinces.
  • The children under the age of 18 will automatically registered if they are getting Canada Child Benefits from the CRA and on the basis of number of children there will be higher benefit amount for you

Additional Updates for Carbon Rebate 

  • If you want to make claim for your legal dependents (children) then they should the following
  • Have stayed with you for not more than half of the year
  • You are responsible for primary care
  • The amount will be distributed according to the custody you share with your partner (if living separately)

The next payment is coming on the 15th of July 2024 while it will be followed by 15th of October 2024 and then coming to end with 15th of January 2025. If you still have doubts, please check out the official website of the regional provinces for further information.

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