CRA Payment Increase 2024- Know Eligibility, Deposit Dates & Increased Benefits

The Canadian federal government and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) provides financial aid to millions of citizens in the country. The CRA runs a range of tax credits and rebate programs for the eligible claimants. These programs include the CPP, OAS, Veterans’ Disability Benefits, CCB, GST/HST and many more. The major purpose of CRA through these programs is to assist all the citizens in the country and reduce their financial burden due to rising inflation. Apart from the monthly payments, the CRA also issues quarterly payments to the eligible recipients. You can check your eligibility criteria based on the category of a particular benefit. On continuing to this article, you will get all the essential details regarding the CRA payment increase in 2024. It will include the major increase in the CRA payments, its schedules dates what are the monthly and quarterly payments that you can receive.

CRA Payment Increase 2024

  • The Canadian government along with the CRA issues certain financial services and tax refunds to its citizens. These refunds and services offer and financial relief to the individuals and their families in case of low-income and a rise in inflation. Some of these financial programs provide monthly pension while there are few tax refunds and provincial rebates that are provided on a quarterly basis. The programs like Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), Canada Child Benefits (CCB), Veterans’ Disability and Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) gives monthly payments. Meanwhile, some rebates and tax refunds like Canada Carbon Rebate (CCR), GST/HST, Alberta Child and Family benefits (ACFB), Advanced Canadian Workers Benefit (ACWB) provides quarterly payments. These payments are increased quarterly as per the rise in inflation. If the inflation remains stable, then the payment amount will not increase.
  • The payment amount, deposit dates and the eligibility criteria may vary based on the CRA programs category. These payments are provided to specific group of people based on their requirements. This increment in pensions assist the beneficiaries financially in their retirement age or during unemployment which can be caused by a certain disability. The beneficiaries can make their monthly expenses like paying rents and utility bills more balanced and manageable. The payment can also assist in purchasing basic household requirements like groceries and healthcare supplies, for instance, prescribed medications. The payment is directly deposited to the bank accounts of the recipients. You can also track your payment status on the official website of the CRA.

CPP Payment Increase 2024

OAS Increase 2024

CPP Payment Dates July 2024

CRA Payment Increase 2024 Quick Details 

Post title CRA Payment Increase 2024
Country Canada
Department CRA
Category Government aid
Applicability Eligible citizens
Increment Expected in July 2024
Year 2024
Official website

CRA Payment Increase 2024- Know Eligibility, Deposit Dates & Increased Benefits

Major CRA Increase in 2024

The CRA implements an increase in the pension plans quarterly based on an increase in inflation and living expenses. In some cases, when the inflation remains constant, then there will be no increment in the CRA payments. As of now, the beneficiaries will be receiving the revised payments that were implemented as of April 2024. Now, if the inflation in the country will rise, then the CRA will revise the payments accordingly. As of now, it is not confirmed that will there be an increase in the financial aids for the beneficiaries or not. The CRA will revise the quarterly change in the pensions and the beneficiaries are advised to wait for the official confirmation from the authorities regarding the CRA payment increase in 2024.

CRA Payment Increase 2024 Deposit Dates

As I have previously mentioned, the payment dates can vary based on the category of the payment that you are receiving. For instance, payments like ACFB, GST/HST, CCR and ACWB will be distributed quarterly. The CRA distributes four payments each year in the month of January, April, July and October. On the other side, CPP, OAS, CCB, OTB and Veteran’s disability payment are distributed on a monthly basis. I have provided the payment schedule for the CRA payment increase 2024 in the following tables:

For monthly pensions:

Benefit Payment date in July 2024
CPP 29th July, 2024
OAS 29th July, 2024
OTB 10th July, 2024
CCB 19th July, 2024
Veterans’ Disability Pension 30th July, 2024

For quarterly payments:

January 15th January 5th January 12th February 27th
April 15th April 5th May 27th
July 15th July 5th July 12th August 27th
October 15th October 4th October 11th November 27th

Documents Required for the CRA Payments Increase 

You must be aware of the mandatory documents that will be required to avail the CRA payments in 2024. I have provided the essential documents in the following points:

  • Certificate of residency issued by the CRA.
  • For citizenship, either of the documents like Canadian birth certificate, Canadian citizenship certificate and Canadian passport may be required.
  • For proof of your birth; birth certificate, certified copy of birth registration, hospital record of birth and passport.
  • If you are married then one of the documents; (i) rental agreement showing your name and your spouse’s or common-law partner’s name. (ii) A rental agreement dated after your separation, in your name only.
  • E-mail address

The payment will arrive on the aforementioned dates but in case of any delay, you are advised to wait for three more business days. If the payment still not arrives, then you can visit the nearest office of CRA and you are advised to make sure if you have renewed your ID. For more information and to track your payment status, you can also visit the official website of the CRA.

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